Being in a relationship is gratifying. This makes your life even more purposeful. Your world becomes more colourful and more joyful when you have special somebody. It really feels great to be in love. You can't explain the feelings whenever you're in love. It's a combination of mixed feelings. However, love isn't always a bed of roses. There are...

When relationships are fresh, they are truly fantastic and wonderful. However, as time goes on, things begin to change. Lovers are no longer as sweet as previously. They argue over petty things. They forget the tiny things which are actually crucial to the relationship. After a time, they'd end up with a separation. There are really relationships...


Sydney Couples Program

I deliver a number of seminars and couples workshops in Sydney and across Australia, as well as online programs designed for relationship development and personal growth. Online courses are designed to be flexible to your schedule, while face-to-face workshops offer an intensive, hands-on experience.


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